ASP Stealth

ASP Stealth

  •  Sizes – 129cm x 39cm,   132cm x 40cm,   135cm x 41.5cm,   138cm x 43cm
  • Stance widths – 56cm/60cm/64cm
  • 40mm or 50mm fins
  • Lace-up straps and pads
  • Paulownia wood core
  • Multiple bottom channels provide grip and a smooth ride
  • 3D deck shaping
  • Composite laminate controls twist, flex and reflex
  • Colour options available

ASP Kiteboards

are engineered to deliver cutting edge performance and strength under any conditions. Finely tuned shapes combined with the most advanced materials and construction provide you with the equipment you need to rip, no matter where you ride.


ASP kiteboards are hand built in New Zealand by the people that design and ride them. Performance and durability are key areas in which we make no compromises.


The Stealth is the ultimate weapon for freestyle performance. Power and grip are superbly balanced with smoothness and ease of riding. Our construction and laminate provide the finely tuned flex and twist characteristics required in a modern freestyle board.



All sizes - $1149

Size - 129, 132, 135, 138

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