Atawhai Inlet, Nelson

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Located about 1km north of Nelson on SH6 – this is the large tidal inlet area you pass when approaching Nelson from the North.

Wind Direction

Due to the close proximity of the road, this is only recommended for a Northerly Sea Breeze. It should be avoided in gusty frontal conditions like Southerleys. This drains on a low tide, so only ridable from mid – high tide.

Rider Level

This a great spot to ride, but the launch / landing area is pretty sketchy due to the close proximity of SH6. Therefore, not really ideal for beginners.


This is another good spot to ride in Nelson, but due to the close proximity of the 100km/h SH6, limited space for launching and landing, and lots of oysters etc on the beach / sea bed, it can be a bit of a mission to survive a session with  your gear in one piece. Gets the sea-breeze ahead of Tahuna and on a high tide when Tahuna can be crowded on the front beach, this can often be a good alternative option but only if you know what you’re doing – don’t end up wearing a truck on the road!!

Make sure you launch with your kite towards the water, and watch for tidal drift on an outgoing tide which will prevent you getting back to the launch / landing spot. Wind strength may increase as you get closer to the boulder bank.

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