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What you need to know before learning to kitesurf

Do I need to be strong to Kitesurf?

No, the ability to perform one-arm chin-ups is not a pre-requisite for learning to kite. You will require a general level of fitness and flexibility but that is all. When you are riding, your harness will take the strain, so you can lean into your harness, letting it do the work, leaving your arms free to simply steer the kite.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes – kitesurfing is a water sport and once you are up and riding, you may find yourself in the water, out of your depth. If you are not yet confident in the water, we suggest you start with just land-based kite flying until you are able to improve your water confidence.

What equipment do I need?

Kitesurfing doesn’t need much in the way of equipment: kite (complete with bar and lines), board, harness is the minimum. We also recommend a helmet and impact vest for safety reasons, and a wetsuit appropriate to the conditions you will be riding in. It will all fit easily in the your car, so there's no need for roof racks to get your gear to the beach.

What should I bring to a lesson?

We provide all the equipment you require for a lesson, so all you need to bring is your togs to wear under the wetsuit, a towel, plenty of water, a good waterproof sunscreen and sunglasses and a hat for the land-based lessons. Bring your own wetsuit if you have one. 

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