Gearing up

Discover your gear : SUP, Paddle, leash. The best advice before going on the water.





Choose the right Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

We tell you how to choose the right SUP for your skill level, and for the type of paddling that you do.




Select the right paddle

We tell you how to choose the right SUP paddle for your skill level, and for the type of paddling that you do.




How to carry a SUP


We show you the easiest ways to carry a SUP.




Getting started !

How to get started with stand up paddling.




What to Do when you fall off

We look at what to do when you fall off your SUP.




Stand Up Paddling safety

Stand Up Paddling is a very safe activity, but when things go wrong, there's the potential for things to go VERY wrong. In this episode we look at how to stay safe on the water.




The Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling

A set of rules that let you paddle the most effectively, comfortably, and safely.




The ideal forward stroke

With proper forward paddling technique, you'll be able to paddle your stand up paddle board more efficiently and powerfully, while reducing the stress on your body. Look at the ideal forward stroke technique.




Sweep strokes

Sweep strokes are the most effective means of turning your SUP. We look at how to take proper sweep strokes.




Draw Strokes

Draw strokes move your board laterally in the water, and they provide the foundation for key strokes that let you paddle in a straight line without changing sides.




Paddle straight !

A few different techniques to keep your board running in a straight line.




Moving around your board

To get the most out of your stand up paddle board, it's important that you can competently and confidently move around on it.




Pivot turns

How to make quick and balanced pivot turns on your SUP.




Taking Your SUP To The Surf

Board designer Peter Pan explains some important rules to know before taking your SUP to the surf.




How to launch in surf

How to launch a stand up paddle board in a surf zone.




Surf !

Look at the basics of SUP surfing.

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