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Marahau is about 65km from Nelson, or about an hours drive. Kitesurfers should stay on the southern side of the jetty to avoid getting in the way of the busy aqua taxi access lane. Park in the parking area on the right opposite the first houses, as you arrive at the coast. There is plenty of sandy beach to rig up.

Wind Direction

Marahau gets a killer sea breeze, especially during the heat of summer. It is a N/NE wind, which blows cross-on to the beach. This spot isn't any good in any other wind direction. Fine on all tides.

Rider Level

Suitable for all levels of riders.


Marahau is the gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park, so it surrounded by stunning scenery. The beach is long and shelving and features the rich golden sand that typifies the beaches in the area. This is the starting point for many of the aqua taxis and kayaks that head into the Park each day, so is a busy stretch of water, however, by staying south of the jetty, kitesurfers can usually have plenty of room to play without getting in the way of other water users. If you're spending any more than a couple of days in Nelson, this should definitely be in your itinery for a session.

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