Naish Fly 2013

Designed for fun in light to marginal wind conditions.

The Fly goes in virtually no wind and is incredibly fun to ride. Its exceptionally light weight is primarily the result of removing the center strut. In doing this, the center section of the canopy performs like a spinnaker and generates incredible power in light wind.

The Fly uses the Park’s proven easy-handling design, which gives it superior turning ability, but it incorpo- rates more overall sweep, which helps the Fly relaunch in marginal wind conditions.

Size: 15

Key Features:

  • The power of an 18 with the turning of a 12
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Based on the proven Park platform
  • Two-strut design
  • Amazing low end
  • Superior water relaunch in light winds
  • Includes 10m extension lines



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