Naish Helix 2010

We've loved the Helix ever since it was first launched. If you're into the bridle-style of kite, but want the punchy performance of the older C-style kites, the Helix will not disappoint. It gives the flexibility to take you into all sorts of conditions, with the high performance entertainment you want for your free-style sessions. If you've not yet flown one, do yourself a favour and call the shop to arrange a demo - it will blow you away!


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.5, 12, 14

The Helix continues to bridge the gap between c-shaped and bridled kites with an engaging feel, fast turning and punchy power. The 2010 Helix is the exotic sports car of the kite world... pushing hthe envelope in both design and flying characteristics.

With speed, versatility, huge jumps, kite loops and precision handingling in mind, this kite allow riders to push their limits to new heights. The Helix in the next generation in ultra-performance kiteboarding.

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