Naish Ride 2013


Everyday kiteboarders looking for ease, simplicity and value.

The Ride was derived from the base origins of the Park, but with more focus on a ‘sheet in and go’ feel and easy water relaunch. The rounded wing tips allow the kite to better rotate with less drag while resting on the water, which makes relaunching extremely easy. The two-strut design allows for a lighter weight kite with a fuller center section.

This design, coupled with a slightly flatter arc (compared to the Park), gives the Ride more punch when sheeting in and provides that nice sheet-in-and-go feel. These characteristics translate into very easy jumping, where the rider can simply sheet in and jump on demand, without having to over-think their kite positioning.

Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Key Features:

  • Rounded wing tips for effortless water relaunch
  • Incredible wing stability while resting on the water
  • Sheet-in-and-go
  • Great low end and forgiving performance


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