Naish Torch 2012

Target: Designed for competition freestyle, power freeriding and unhooked waveriding.

The Torch flies quickly through the air and will depower easily with a quick check of the board edge. The power is delivered smoothly, with depower similar to a bridled kite by virtue of the kite's ability to fly fast. Hooked in or unhooked, the riding is effortless and precise. The position of the struts makes the kite stiffer in the air, for an even more precise handling.

The new Shift Control System is set up to support the arc and to provide easy water relaunch and excellent feel. New elements for 2012 are: a new covered single-line depower, above-the-bar trim adjustment and a new, comfortable color-coded EVA grip.

The Torch is equally at home winning heats on the world stage, as it is ripping up your home beach. The 2012 Torch features refinements to all elements of the package: new bar, reinforcements, strut positions and a shorter arc.

Design Characteristics:
* Precise bar feel
* Fast response flying
* Unmatched unhooked pop
* Solid power through the turns

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14


What's New: This year the idea was to make the kite more stable and to add stiffness to the arc. To do this, we looked to the success of the Park and shortened the entire arc and moved both side struts down. This allows the center of the kite to be more full. The lower strut allows for a stiffer profile on the wing tip, making the kite more rigid in the air.

The Result: You get a kite that has a crisper feel in the bar and is more responsive to bar input. This makes overpowered riding smoother. The turns are also better, as the kite shoots back up faster in the kite loop, providing extra pull to land without making a hole in the ocean.

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