Ozone Edge


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Ozone’s legendary performance kite has evolved yet again. The new Edge has been refined and improved into the ultimate performance machine, with superior upwind and downwind abilities and extreme lift for mega boosting.

Whether you want to blitz the competition in racing or boost ridiculous air, the Edge delivers.

The 2009 Edge saw many Ozone riders standing on the top step of racing podiums, whilst retaining its ability to satisfy big air boosters at the same time.

To further increase the already impressive performance of the 2009 Edge we have taken the following steps for 2010, ensuring that the Edge remains at the pinnacle of kite design and performance.

  • Modified planform increasing the lifting area and reducing drag at the tips.
  • Larger diameter leading edge to enhance low end power and canopy stability.
  • Higher aspect ratio further improves performance and efficiency through the air.
  • New aerofoil section generates more power even while sailing off the wind, equating to faster downwind race legs.
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