Pohara, Golden Bay

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Pohara is in Golden Bay, located about 115km from Nelson, or about an hour and a half drive. Kitesurfers should stay on the western end of the beach, around the Selwyn Street access area. This will avoid getting in amongst the busy part of the beach in front of the motor camp.

Wind Direction

Pohara is good on broadly Northerly winds, ranging from NW to NE. Beware, the area is known to have the occasional strong gust out of the blue, which have caught kitesurfers unawares.

Rider Level

Suitable for all levels of riders.


Pohara is a popular summer destination for kiwis and overseas tourists alike, at the southern end of Golden Bay, close to the amenities of Takaka and also the northern end of the Abel Tasman National Park. If you're planning a visit to Golden Bay, Pohara is well worth checking out for an afternoon sea breaze. This is another long, shallow shelving beach, which holds a fun little shore break on a decent wind, so you'll have little ramps to play on. Generally gets a decent amount of wind in the summer months.

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