The Tona Pop brings something fresh back into the kiteboarding world with its unique design and bottom contour. If you are looking for a board that explodes off the water whether its on natural kickers or flat water, without sacrificing any upwind ability, you will love this board. The Pop is stiffer than the average kiteboard on the market, this helps the board hold its static rocker line while riding and also helps generate the maximum amount of energy when you load up to pop off the water. We use a sintered UHMW slider base for the bottom of our boards. This sintered base is widely known as the toughest slider material in the snowboard and wakeboard industry. The double concave in the center and deep channels along the rails give the board lots of stability while riding finless, and the flat surface area out the tail makes for minimal drag and great release off the water on air tricks. The channels are also effective in creating extra surface area, which in turn increases upwind ability. The Pop does not disappoint!


Our 0.8″ Ramp fins are long and shallow so they have lots of bite, but you can hit kickers without having to remove them.

Pop Kiteboard Specifications

  • POP 133 (Yellow bottom)
  • SIZE133 cm
  • WIDTH40.5 cm
  • WIDTH @ TIP25 cm
  • CHANNEL DEPTH0.65 cm
  • STANCE WIDTH41.5 – 51 cm
  • POP 138 (Blue bottom)
  • SIZE139 cm
  • WIDTH41.5 cm
  • WIDTH @ TIP26 cm
  • CHANNEL DEPTH0.65 cm
  • STANCE WIDTH41.5 – 56 cm
  • POP 142 (Green bottom)
  • SIZE142 cm
  • WIDTH42.75 cm
  • WIDTH @ TIP27 cm
  • CHANNEL DEPTH0.65 cm
  • STANCE WIDTH41.5 – 56 cm

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