Predator Shiznit

The Shiznit can be worn with the visor front or back - nice!

When compared to helmets with longer visors, the Shiznit's 1 1/2” (4 cm) visor provides sun protection and improved safety by reducing “bucketing”. The shell is made of high impact Ralvek® thermoplastic for increased stiffness and protection. A comfortable closed-cell waterproof foam is used to dissipate impacts. The Shiznit also features the Croc-Loc® rear adjustor for a comfortable, locked-down precision fit.The Shiznit includes a closed-cell fit pad kit for customizing, detachable thermoformed ear covers, top quality webbing and buckles and stainless steel chinstrap rivets.

Available in Graphite (top), white(middle) and Matt Black (bottom). One size fits all.

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