Rabbit Island, near Richmond

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About 25km from central Nelson, this is a long, north facing beach backed by forestry plantation. Great spot for a quiet day at the beach.

Wind Direction

Only works with NW – N – NE winds – not good in anything with S in it. Only suitable from mid to low tide due to the tall trees right at the edge of the beach creating gusty up-drafts on higher tides. Only spot close to Nelson that is any good in a NE.

Rider Level

Suitable for all levels of rider, and also popular with landboards / buggies.


This is the only spot in Nelson that is any good on a NE or E wind. It's also a great place to spend a quiet day hanging at the beach with friends – take a picnic as there are no amenities beyond toilets. Very popular with land-based kiters due to the hard flat expanse of beach at low tide.
When you get to Rabbit Island, follow the one-way system around to the left and kite from the area of beach you arrive at first – stay at the western end, as the eastern end is for horse-riding.

Set-up & launch

Plenty of space on the beach from mid-tide to low tide to set-up and launch

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