RedAir Inflatable Stand Up Paddling

RedAir Inflatable Stand Up Paddling








Red SUP boards are the ultimate in portable inflatable SUP fun.

Features include:

· PVC board material with high-grade, double-thread internal drop stitching

· Double layer construction featuring a "board within a board". This adds massive strength, stiffness, consistent shape and durability.

· Side rails with four layers of taping - maintains the boards shape, stiffness and air tight qualities. Four times thicker than many SUPs!

· Special "air block" membrane eliminates air leakage

· Front loading backpack, comfortable to carry. NEW!

Red air sup boards are perfect for use as a tender to and from your boat. Packing down tight and compact.

10’8” = $1449

10’6” = $1339

9’6” = $1349




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