Slingshot RPM 2012


2012 RPM 2012 Slingshot RPM
Sizes: 4.5m, 6m, NEW 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m
First comes in many forms. The Slingshot RPM is the original “Open C” kite that started it all. It evolved to become the kite that took Youri Zoon to a world title. It has become a riders favorite throughout the world in just a few short years.

Building on it’s dramatic success of the Open-C canopy and Slingshot’s patented Split Strut technology, the RPM pushes kite design to a whole new level. Inspired by Youri’s world dominating performance on the tour, we modified the wing tip attachment points to optimize kite performance and deliver complete tuning customization. These additional features and the new 7m allows complete versatility in all conditions and all riding styles.

The 2012 RPM sets the standards of durability and stability while maintaining it’s legendary flying characteristics and aggressive look.

Complete Package Includes: Kite, Compstick Control Bar, Lines and Backpack


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