Slingshot Z



Sizes: 6m, 9m, 11m, 13m,

Announcing the first “Spherical-C” Profile. The fresh, versatile design of the Z kite gives consistent pull with controlled power and unmatched versatility. Stable and predictable in virtually all conditions. The Z kite produces huge boosts with good control and effortless relaunch.

The Z kite is loaded with the latest innovative features. However, it’s most important feature is the “plug and play” usability you will experience everyday. This includes features like our industry first pully-less bridle that delivers a direct feel, enhanced responsiveness, and unmatched upwind performance. Additional unique features like our Spherical-C Profile and Axis Wing Tip allow the kite to easily roll up off the water into relaunch. Like our other kites, the Z has been optimized for maximum range to suit all kinds of riding conditions.

Kite with confidence. All conditions, all the time.

Complete Package Includes: Kite, Z Bar, Lines and Backpack

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