Stand-up Paddleboards, or SUPs, are the taking the world by storm - from flat water cruising, to great fun for all levels of surfers on small to medium waves, to overhead waves for experienced surfers, these boards are a great way to get out and enjoy the water in a whole new way.

With boards and paddles for all sizes and shapes of rider, the Naish range of stand-up paddleboards offers something for everyone. Light enough to carry on your own, but big enough to be super stable and bouyant enough to make catching waves a easy as falling off a log.

If you've never had a go on a SUP, drop into the shop to arrange a demo.

Nalu Series from Naish

Nalu 11'6"

This board is the very definition of full-size SUP. It is thick, stable and surfs rail-to-rail like a much shorter board. This big boy can handle riders over 200lbs and offers great all-round appeal.

Construction: Wood Veneer Sandwich

Fin Set-up: Single

Volume: 231l

Nalu 11'4"

This board is the high-performance version of the 11'6". It is thinner and has more outline curve and rocker, along with a 2+1 fin set-up all of which give is excellent all-round riding performance and effortless longboard style rail-to-rail carving.

Construction: Wood Veneer Sandwich

Fin Set-up: 2 + 1

Volume: 180l

Nalu 10'6"

With its single concave nose, double concave center section and V-tail, this board is ideally suited to middle-weight riders, looking for fun in everything from small wavelets to double overhead barrels.

Construction: Wood Veneer Sandwich

Fin Set-up: 2 + 1

Volume: 153l



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