Tahunanui, Nelson


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This is Nelson’s main beach – about 2km south of the town centre on SH6.

Wind Direction

Prevailing wind during the main kiting season (Sept – March) is a Northerly sea breeze, but can also ride on SW / W depending upon the tide. No good in anything with E in it.

Rider Level

Suitable for all level of riders. However, there is a fast moving tidal channel at the far left-hand end of the beach, which should be avoided by beginners. This is only suitable for competent kiters. Beginners should stick to the front beach area


Home to Kitesurf Nelson, Tahuna is a great spot for all level of riders, with a consistent sea breeze that provides solid riding through the spring and summer season. Best conditions if you’re planning a trip are fine weather and high tide around lunchtime. This gets the channel cranking for awesome flat-water riding. You rarely see waves here, so the local scene is predominantly free-style / free-ride.

Due to the proximity to the airport, and to ensure the safety of swimmers at the eastern end of the beach, riding is restricted to certain areas, as shown below.


Set-up & launch

Most kiters set-up on the grassy area by the main ‘back beach’ car park, and then carry kite down to launch near where they will ride.

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