Underground FLX

In 2010 the legendary FLX remains the high-end freestyle and competition board. It features the proven QUADconcave bottom shape, a strong and eco-friendly Paulownia WOODcore and a CARBON reinforced and flex tuned BIAXglass laminate. The new thickness flow creates thinner tips that provide exceptional flex control by using defined uni-carbon reinforcements while the new bat-wing tips and rail shape offer a smoother ride with supreme edge-control. The five available sizes have been refined carefully to provide the perfect board for the special needs of any freestyle riders pushing the limits. This year there are two graphic ranges. The Legend graphics are based on South Pacific mythology, and tells the stories of island magic on the deck of each board. The Euro Ink graphics lead modern board design into the future. Choose a tool and show your moves.

Available in 8-Bit graphics (top) or the Ocean Legends graphics (bottom).

The 2010 FLX line-up includes the following sizes:

- 124x37cm

- 128x38cm

- 132x39cm

- 135x41cm

- 138x43cm (light wind performance)

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