Wainman Blunt

Wainman Blunt

The package

  1. Sweet Blunt Board in the size of your choice.
  2. Set of 4 hydrodynamic fins with stainless steel screws with improved heads.
  3. Pair of our new super lightweight and asymmetric EVA pads thermoformed on carbon plates with anti-slipping surface for mounting without washers.
  4. Pair of our new and even easier to mount adjustable asymmetric straps with stainless steel screws Expandable from XXS - XXL. This is something!
  5. Soft and safe handle for those who prefer to feel like bankers with suitcases while walking on the beach.
  6. Multifunctional screwdriver.
  7. Small accessories' bag to use as a kite sandbag or to carry a 6 pack, once the board is assembled with all accessories on it.
  8. Padded custom Blunt Board Bag to protect your baby board against transportation scratches and damage, to be used at all times!


The Blunts are for the people. Getting to the point: these thin rail boards are made for all terrain ripping. While some might say that compromising sucks, every intermediate free rider who prefers to just cruise around, for whom those versatile twin tipped boards are made, definitely would not agree.

To come back from every session stoked, a board needs to handle any condition that the rider may encounter, and adjust to any mood the rider is in. At the end of the day, it really is all about the ride. It is so important that the power and huge potential given by the kite will be utilized properly. It does not matter what the conditions are when you show up with a Blunt, because this board handles it all. A true freerider wants to show up with one board, throw up a kite, and enjoy the ride. A Blunt always makes it a fun, comfortable and effortless ride.

One-Thirty Five is a choice for medium to heavier riders for the moderate wind conditions. One-Thirty Five will ensure that rider will be covered for winds ranging from powered breezes to fully powered winds.


All sizes - $940

Size - 125, 130, 135, 137

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