Wainman Boss 12m

Wainman Boss 12m



  • 12m of good style
  • preassembled  on the "W" bridals
  • Rabbit Tuning System


  • L size comes as a stock
  • multiple new safety connections
  • 100% custom molded elements
  • safety leash


  • comfortable & smart back pack
  • carrot pocket for inflated struts
  • waterproof front pocket
  • inner bag for protection & light travels


  • adhesive cloths for canopy repairs
  • adhesive patches for bladder repairs
  • PU patches & glue for bladder repairs
  • 2x center pigtails for bridal trimming
  • PUMP:

  • X large size for quick inflation
  • alloy pump rod high quality
  • the leash and wide stream air hose

Glamour and fame dont come to you just like that. You have to earn your place as the world famous Rabbit Gang Boss, and this guy surely did.

Commanding in the best conditions on warm sunny days is his favorite activity. Because of his capo status he tends to leave the craziest action to his smaller gangsters, but do not underestimate his ability.

The Boss still handles furious days with deadly precision, calm, and style. The Boss bows to no one...

The Boss - a 12m Rabbit -should always be first choice for larger riders and is the absolute must to have in their quivers. For all others it is a great kite to have in order to really enjoy the good life on light wind days. The Big Guy who shares the joy with everybody...

The Boss - the coolest gang leader you ever met.



12m - $2495

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