Wainman Mr Green 7.5m

Wainman Mr Green 7.5m


  • 7,5m of plain natural power
  • preassembled  on the "V" bridals
  • Rabbit Tuning System


  • M size comes as a stock
  • multiple new safety connections
  • 100% custom molded elements
  • safety leash


  • comfortable & smart back pack
  • carrot pocket for inflated struts
  • waterproof front pocket
  • inner bag for protection & light travels


  • adhesive cloths for canopy repairs
  • adhesive patches for bladder repairs
  • PU patches & glue for bladder repairs
  • 2x center pigtails for bridal trimming
  • PUMP:

  • X large size for quick inflation
  • alloy pump rod high quality
  • the leash and wide stream air hose

Many think they have known him for a long time. That natural power and good vibe... Indeed there is something that makes him seem like a great older brother ,and although he is new to The Gang, only Gypsy`s mother knows how it really went...

Mr Green is definitely one of a kind. The natural gentleness mixed with his nuclear potential makes all enemies scared of asking the wrong questions. The best action belongs to him and he doesn't need any help to win the game. He`s got all the magic. And dont be frightened, because with this green gentleman, all endings are happy.

Mr Green - the 7.5m Rabbit that will please every rider. No matter what the skill level or riding style. It is a must for windy days!

If in doubt just reach for The Power of Green..Mr. Green that is!!





7.5m - $2195


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