Wainman Passport

Wainman Passport

The package
  1. A Passport Surf in the size of your choice
  2. Set of 4 hydrodynamic fins
  3. Single tail pad
  4. Multifunctional screwdriver
  5. Newly designed custom board bag to protect and transport your surf without scratches and damage, to be used at all times!!!


The Passport was created from a surfer's point of view and is a dedicated strapless kite surfboard, designed by Sean Ordonez. These boards, just like their "Gambling" cousins are usually ridden 4-5 inches shorter than your normal short board and 3/4 to an inch wider. The lower rocker line than in Gambler makes the Passport plane faster and therefore suitable for a smaller kite when kite surfed. As this design is intended to be more of an entry-level board, it is not suited for very high riding speeds. However, it is very stable and assists in making strapless riding easier. This dedicated quad fin surfboard is very light and can be surfed without a kite when waves are nice and the wind is not cooperating.

The reinforcements over the regular epoxy surf lay-up provide a solid construction composite to survive objective kite related overloads that occur while surfing waters with a kite. You can use this surfboard everywhere you want and wherever you go. This is a perfect choice for the world traveler(s), combining features of two different sports in one universal design.


  • EPS/PVC construction, bamboo/carbon reinforcement

Size: 5'8"

  • Length: 68" / 172,72cm
  • Width: 19 1/2" / 49,53cm
  • Thickness: 2 1/4" / 5,72cm
  • Weight: 3,13kg (+/-3%)
  • Tailshape: swallow
  • Fins: 4

Size: 5'11"

  • Length: 71" / 180,34cm
  • Width: 20 1/2" / 52,07cm
  • Thickness: 2 3/8" / 6,03cm
  • Weight: 3,38kg (+/-3%)
  • Tailshape: swallow
  • Fins: 4


All sizes - $1395

Size - 5'8, 5'11



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